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I like to Show Off....

My band tee's

Band Tee's
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This is a community dedicated to band teeshirts. Here you can show off pictures of you in your fab jackson 5 shirt and be embraced. Seriously...how many people can pull of a Jackson 5 shirt? Anyways...back to the point, this is all about band tee's. Show off your pics, your fave band tees, tell us all about finding cool band shirts in a thrift store, stories of you and you fave band, how to make a band tee cooler, anything related to bands tee's!

There's a few rules we ask...

-If you're posting more than one picture, Use the LJ cut. Or if you're posting one pic, and its huge, LJ cut that bitch.

-When you join, do an intro post. I like them.

-If you want, tell us a band you wanted added to the interest list.

-Tell ur friends about us.

-Play nice.

-I'll add more rules if I feel it's needed.


I'm gonna need a mod or two, if you are interested, please post or email me at expl0siveheart@aol.com. Thanx.

Rock on...